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Zodiac with Diamond


This is a beautiful one of a kind handcrafted pendant inspired by the ancients and their astrology. The front side of the pendant features a zodiac with a round cut diamond set in a solid 24k gold bezel. The zodiac contains all 12 different signs commonly associated with the zodiac such as the crab for cancer. The zodiac, in astronomy and astrology, is a belt around the heavens extending 9° on either side of the ecliptic, the plane of Earth’s orbit and of the Sun’s apparent annual path. Because most of the constellations through which the ecliptic passes represent animals, the ancient Greeks called its zone zōdiakos kyklos, “circle of animals,” or ta zōdia, “the little animals. The bail is also made with solid 24k yellow gold. 

There is also the option of choosing a chain with a diamond clasp. That chain is made out of oxidized sterling silver. The clasp of the chain is made with silver, is gold plated, decorated with tiny diamonds and is two sided.

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