Est. 1988

Los Angeles

In 1988, Arthur moved to the United States with his family. With all of his skills and experience, he decided to open up his own jewelry shop in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This is when he began creating beautiful personalized name necklaces for other small businesses within the historic jewelry district.

A Decade Later

Expanding the Line

In 1999, Arthur moved into a bigger space on South Hill Street. With the bigger space, came a bigger oppertunity. Now, he had direct access to public clientele. Here Magic Hands Jewelry began producing one of a kind, striking pieces that were accessable to anyone looking for jewelry they couldnt find anywhere else. Magic Hands Jewelry was turning ideas into reality.


Heading Into The Wedding Industry

Magic Hands Jewelry always stayed ahead of its industry. In 2013, we started experimenting with alternatiive metals. Now, Magic Hands was creating unique wedding bands for men and women. Each piece has its own flare and character, and truly has depth and meaning for our customers' taste and personalities.

How To's, News and More


Purchasing the Right Gift

Do you ever just get stuck trying to figure out what gift to get for a special someone? Well, look no more! Your answers await. Jewelry is one of t...

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