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Greek Nymph and Nike with Diamonds


This is a beautiful one of a kind handcrafted pendant inspired by the ancient Greeks. It is modeled after a real coin minted sometime in the 3rd century in modern day Italy. The front face of the pendant of a nymph facing right. Toward the bottom of her face are three beautiful round cut diamonds set in solid 24k gold bezels. The backside of the pendant has a depiction of the river god Achelous Sebethos with Nike flying above. Achelous was the greatest water god of ancient Greece. Achelous, referred to by Homer (Iliad XXI.194), was the longest river in mainland Greece. The cult of this powerful water god was widespread in ancient Greece. Achelous' battle with Hercules for the hand of Deianeira is a legend that made him particularly popular. The bail is made with solid 24k yellow gold. 

There is also the option of choosing a chain with a diamond clasp. That chain is made out of sterling silver and it is two tone with gold plating. The clasp of the chain is made with silver, decorated with tiny diamonds and is two sided.

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