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Greek God of the Sun - Helios


This is a beautiful one of a kind handcrafted pendant inspired by the ancient Greeks. It is modeled after a historical drachm minted in Rhodes in the 2nd century BC. The front side of the pendant features Helios, god of the sun, facing to the right with the sun's beams radiating from his head. This was due to the fact Helios was the god of the sun. The backside of the pendant has a depiction of a rose. On the bottom right is a dedication of the sun and to the left is a rose with a bud. The inscription says "ANTAIOΣ" which translates to the Antaios, magistrate. The pattern of Helios and rose with bud appears often on coins of ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Rhodos was the goddess of the island of Rhodes and wife of Helios, personification of the sun god. The bail is made with solid 24k yellow gold. The top of the pendant has a beautiful round cut diamonds also set in a 24k solid gold bezels. 

There is also the option of choosing a chain with a diamond clasp. That chain is made out of sterling silver. The clasp of the chain is made with silver, is gold plated, decorated with tiny diamonds and is two sided.

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