Purchasing the Right Gift

Do you ever just get stuck trying to figure out what gift to get for a special someone? Well, look no more! Your answers await.

Jewelry is one of the best gifts to give someone, so why not make it even more memorable by customizing it?! Read along, to find out what you can get done.

Magic Hands Jewelry specializes in custom jewelry for over 30 years. We can create anything you like and bring your ideas to life. You can fill out our custom form here, and one of our designers will contact you to begin the design process.

Before we get stared on creating one of a kind jewelry, below are questions to consider:

1. Who will be receiving the gift?

2. What's the occasion?

3. Do they like yellow, rose or white gold?

4. What theme do they prefer (i.e. minimalist, medieval, modern...) ?

Once you have answers to all the questions above, now begins the fun details. Some personalized things you can add are; birthstones, engravings of nicknames or initials, fingerprints, location points, or significant dates.

By the end of your session with our designers, you will end up with a gift like no other, and what's great is that it will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.