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Viking Torslunda Berserker Wax Seal Signet Ring, 14k Solid Yellow Gold Ring


This is a custom made solid yellow 14k gold wax seal signet ring. It has a high polish finish. This wax seal signet ring features an intricate design inspired by one of the Vendel era Torslunda plates discovered on Öland, Sweden, believed to depict the one-eyed Odin guiding a Berserker. The central image on the ring is a masterful representation of this iconic scene, showcasing Odin, distinguished by his singular eye, in a commanding pose. He is depicted in detailed Norse attire, possibly with his characteristic spear, and is shown guiding the Berserker, a fierce warrior in a dynamic, battle-ready stance. The Berserker, possibly wearing a bear or wolf pelt, embodies the raw strength and ferocity associated with these legendary figures. The background of the seal is adorned with intricate, interlacing patterns and motifs typical of the Vendel period, adding an authentic historical essence. Crafted from a high-quality metal, such as gold or silver, the ring has a sturdy yet elegant band, ensuring a clear and distinguished wax imprint. This signet ring is not only a functional tool for sealing documents but also a piece of wearable art that captures a fascinating aspect of Norse mythology and history.

Make it even more special by adding a free personalized engraved message inside (up to 25 characters)!



Color:  Yellow Gold 

Material: 14k Solid Gold

Finish: Polished 



Do you have a special nickname, date, location or saying that has a special meaning behind it? Make your ring even more special by having it engraved on the inside of the band.

Please keep in mind that we can only engrave up to 25 characters. When purchasing the ring, make a note of what you want engraved and exactly how it should look.



This is a custom made ring that is made to order. We recommend going to a local jeweler to get your finger size, and make sure to let them know it is for a "comfort fit ring". Comfort bands have a rounded interior and feel much more comfortable.


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