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Alexander the Great with Diamond


This is a beautiful one of a kind handcrafted pendant inspired by the ancient Macedonians and the legendary Alexander III. It is modeled after a real existing coin minted in Lampsacus sometime in the 3rd century BC. Alexander the Great, member of the Argead clan, was responsible for the destruction of the Achaemenid Empire, the death of Darius III, and the creation of a Hellenic empire that stretched all the way to India. His generals after his death known as the didachoi would go onto to create Hellenic kingdoms in his former imperial territory which ushered in the Hellenic age. The front side of the pendant features the head of Alexander II wearing a ram's horn of the Egyptian god Amun. There is also a round diamond set in a 24k solid gold bezel. The backside of the pendant has a depiction of goddess Athena, and a Greek legend which translates 'Of King Lysimachus'. This was due to the fact that the coins as minted by Lysimachus, one of his generals, who after his Alexander's death and inherited the kingdom of Thrace. The bail is made with solid 24k yellow gold. 

There is also the option of choosing a chain with a diamond clasp. That chain is made out of oxidized sterling silver. The clasp of the chain is made with silver, is gold plated, decorated with tiny diamonds and is two sided.

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