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Custom Solid Gold Monogram Bracelet with Diamonds and Sandstone Beads


This is a custom, solid yellow gold monogram bracelet. This naturally shaped bracelet has stunning curves and twists that look stunning on the wrist. It is polish finished and has bit of texture. The monogram features stunning diamonds placed naturally on the monogram. It is attached to an adjustable sandstone bracelet that is naturally navy blue in color and sparkly. It features 3 initials of choice which are then meshed together to form a beautiful design.  Monograms can contain your initials, or initials of love ones. Historically monograms were used by royal families and military to show heir power and position. 

This stunning, and one of a kind beaded monogram bracelet will have you feeling luxurious and it will definitely draw a crowds attention. It is the perfect statement bracelet. This style can be worn or bought for many occasions, some of which include: birthday gifts, weddings, anniversaries...etc.



Color: Yellow Gold, Dark Blue

Material: Solid Gold, Diamonds, Sandstone Beads

Finish: Polished



Our adjustable bracelets can be adjusted to whatever size you would like. We offer 3 sizing options; small (6.25"), medium (6.75"), and large (7.25"). 

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