Picking the Right Wedding Band

Ever need help picking out a wedding band? Well, you are in the right place because we will ensure that you end up purchasing the right fit. Whether you are purchasing this for your significant other or for yourself, you need to begin the process by asking yourself a series of questions:

1. What theme does he/she like? Is it modern, victorian, medieval, traditional...etc.

2. What color do you prefer? There are multiple colors and materials to choose from. There is gold, silver, rose gold, black, wood, turquoise, blue, creme...etc.

3. Choose the width of the ring. Do you/they like thinner or thicker rings?

4. Do you want a gemstone on it? 

5. Do you want it personalized? We can always engrave a personalized message on the inside of the ring.

Once you've established the basics, now it's time to figure out what material you want the wedding band to be. Gold of course is what most traditional wedding bands are made of, but nowadays you can select much more affordable and unique rings made of tungsten, titanium or cobalt. Did you know that jewelry grade tungsten rings are one of the hardest metals on earth! Tungsten is about 10x harder than gold, making this metal one of the most scratch resistant on the planet. It also has a nice heavy feel to it which gives it a luxurious feel. 

Sometimes, you may want to customize the entire ring based on a vision you have. Well, I'll be happy to inform you that Magic Hands Jewelry specializes in custom designs. Think of a location that you met in or maybe a certain song that reminds you of that special someone in your life. We can transform these memorable moments into a ring that will be cherished forever. Head on over to our "custom experience" tab to be contacted by one of our designers.