About Us

The creation of beauty is art”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The pathway of my journey was pre-paved by the generations which came before me. My grandfather and my father were both reputable jewellers in the Greece of my lineage. They introduced me to the creative process, the artisanal tradition, the technique and the artform of jewellery design in my earliest years. So early, that by the age of five I had designed and crafted my first piece of jewellery – a tiny cross pendant.

At nineteen, I began to build my ‘official’ career as a professional designer and jeweller. My family had moved to my mother’s native Armenia during the time of the Soviet regime. It was a difficult period in the history of the country but it led me to find great opportunity in the trash heap of a military factory where a pile of metal remnants attracted my attention. That trash became my treasure as, with the permission of the factory Director, I was able to turn these discards into my very first jewellery line. The line became very popular in the USSR and I soon had a team of thirty-two employees working alongside me to keep up with the demand. Aside from the success of the line and the recognition of my artistry, my greatest reward came when I was issued license number 0001 – my legal authorization to create and sell my art in Armenia. Around the same time I began working on a variety of fine jewellery pieces with an ever-growing pool of private clientele looking for unique, quality creations - a number of which were later displayed in an Armenian museum for a good length of time.

I left my homeland and came to the United States in 1988. Shortly after, I opened my own business specializing in personalized jewellery. Much like now, those custom pieces began from a series of hand drawn sketches. As I saw the popularity of the line increase I also recognized the emotional significance these pieces held for each of my customers. Each capturing a unique story, a precious memory, a special moment or meaning. I was inspired to find a way to raise the standard of personalization by imprinting photo images on gold. The first method was a lengthy and painstaking technique involving a tiny needle and a hammer. Fortunately, with the assistance of a good friend, I was able to find a German company to develop the first picture engraving machine. Unfortunately, without an excess of financial resources, I was unable to patent nor advertise the invention as my own but I did well enough to open my own studio in Los Angeles – again specializing in customized orders, personalized jewellery and laser engraving. Over the years I have had the privilege of collaborating on a number of artefacts destined for the exclusive collections of the Hollywood elite. Many of these pieces have been notably acclaimed by the press – but my reward has always come from the creative process so I prefer to remain ‘backstage’ away from the glare of the celebrity spotlight.

It all gets down to this: As an artisan, designing jewellery is the expression of my nature...my vision ....my craft. To create with, or on behalf of, you, my customers and to see your satisfaction and excitement when I deliver your one of a kind piece, brings me enormous fulfillment. My quest is that you enjoy your design experience and that the quality and craftsmanship of the final product surpasses your highest expectations. More than this, I hope that you delight in your unique creation throughout the peaks and valleys of your lifetime – that it brings you comfort in times of sorrow, inspiration in times of challenge, peace in times of turmoil, enhanced joy in times of happiness and an everlasting reminder that there is beauty in the world and that all is well.